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curled hair, bare centre

oil on unstretched canvas

43 x 36"



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Here I can talk about how I use traditional European painting techniques (primarily in the Flemish style) to create queer images and self-portraiture. Uses paint as drag in Pulp. Autistic portraiture. Now, exploring visitor stuff, Treaty 7

This could be a list of the different awards I've won. Runner up for the someting something. In 2011, Fermor was a runner up in the @0th Annual RBC Painting Competition, a national contest. Their work was shown in Toronto, at the Power Plant. I guess. This could be the places that I have exhibited paintings, list, list, list. 

Then also talk about all the residencies I have attended with a painting project: FAC, NYU, CAAF, etc


Rainbow Elder: Catherine

oil on wood panel

14 x 11"


PULP (2021-2)

a group of 8 paintings blah blah blah

pretty much the exhibition text from Eastern Edge

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Other Tales of Loneliness (2019)

Created during CAAF residency. Predecessor to the Pulp series: dressed up and photographed myself as different icons or archetypes of queer history, including the leather man, the fuckin gay writer in drag, and the  pulp lesbian. Other Tales explores how in queer history there is a legacy of both courage and loneliness, how my own experiences of alienation were actually what connected me to that legacy


The Leather Man

oil on unstretched canvas


self portraiture (2019-23)

Fermor started teaching themselves traditional oil painting in 2018. Without any models, they used self-portraiture to do so. Eventually, self- potraiture became a pillar of their practice.


First, when self- teaching oils in 2018-19 (and being the finalist for RBC within the year). Then using portraiture for various various shows and uses the thees of portraiture in residencies, specifically of self-portraiture and of marginialized communities whose likeness is often not presented. Often themes of the queer form and gaze. 


Odd Skies / Queering Prairie Skies (2023-4)

Just a description of the project, how I'm researching for a larger painting series. Material and skills research is an important part of an artist's studio practice