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Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, Major in Drawing, Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts)


Engagement Coordinator, Stride Gallery, Moh'kins'tis (Calgary)


2022-23   Forthcoming: Artist as Changemaker Residency Program, Trico Changemakers Studio and Mount Royal

                University, Moh'kins'tis (Calgary) 

2019        Momus Emerging Critics Residency, Concordia University, Montreal 
2019        Calgary Allied Arts Foundation Residency Program, cSPACE,

2018        New York University Summer Studio Residency, New York

2021        (2) Canada Council Explore and Create Grant, Research and Creation

2021        Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Visual Arts and New Media Individual Project Grant

2019        Canadian Art Writing Prize, Runner-up

2019        Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Visual Arts and New Media Individual Project Grant
2018        M:ST & Luma Quarterly Critical Writing Prize
2018        20th Annual RBC Painting Competition, Finalist
2016        President’s Honour Roll
2015        Third Year Drawing Merit Award, AUArts
2015        Drawing Community Service Scholarship, AUArts
2013        President’s Honour Roll, AUArts
2013        Advanced Standing Entrance Scholarship



2019        [Louie] Fermor, Gallery 505, Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, Moh'kins'tis (Calgary)
2018        HY DRA TION Queer Dance Parties, Vol. 7: Space Ice, Artist in Residence, Truck Contemporary Art, Moh'kins'tis

2015        Process and Poetics, Marion Nicoll Gallery, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 


2022        More Than a Party, ATB Art Vault and AUArts, Moh’kins’tsis (Calgary)        

2022        Generic Lesbian Party, Dark Arts, Moh'kins'tis 

2020        Buns Vol. 6: Heartache, Tubby Dog, Moh'kins'tis 

2019        CAAF Connection Studio Residents' Exhibition, cSPACE King Edward, Moh'kins'tis 
2018        Art Toronto with RBC Painting Competition, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Tkaronto (Toronto)
2018        RBC Canadian Painting Competition, The Power Plant, Tkaronto 
2018        NYU Summer Studio Residency Open House, New York University Steinhardt, New York
2018        People’s Portrait Prize, cSPACE,
2017        We Are Not an Island: Queer Zine Fair, Sled Island, Moh'kins'tis 
2016        The Garden, Femme Wave Feminist Music and Arts Festival, Pop-up show, 1314 1 Street SW, Moh'kins'tis 
2016        A Map of Hollow Spaces, Intersite Visual Arts Festival, Moh'kins'tis 
2016        UnShelved, Luke Lindoe Library, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 
2014        You Need To Be This Tall To View The Artwork, Main Mall, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 
2014        Queeriosity Presents: Subversive Reclamations, Marion Nicoll Gallery, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 
2014        Embodiments, Rabbit Hole Gallery, Okatok (Okotoks)
2014        My Favourite Ones Are the Mad Ones, AUArts,
2014        ACAD’s First Small Press/Zine Fair, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 
2014        Winter Open House Queeriosity Group Show, Lower Mall, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 
2014        Winter Open House Ambassador Show, Main Mall, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 
2013        Fall Open House Ambassador Show, Main Mall, AUArts, Moh'kins'tis 


2020        longcon Magazine, Issue 5, K'jipuktuk, Mi’kma'ki (Halifax)

2019        RBC Canadian Painting Competition 1999-2018 Catalogue, Tkaronto (Toronto)

2017        Free Roots, Vol. 1, Issue 001, Tkaronto (Toronto)


2014        Queeriosity Presents: Subversive Reclamations, Marion Nicoll Gallery, AUArts, Moh’kins’tsis
2013        Winter Open House Queeriosity Group Show, AUArts, Moh’kins’tsis


2021        Speaker, Grant writing workshop, Elephant Artist Relief Society, Moh'kins'tsis

2018        Speaker, Artist talk and image share, NYU Studio Summer Residency, New York
2016        Moderator and speaker, Professional Opportunities for Emerging Artists, AUArts, Moh’kins’tsis





2019-        Publisher, writer, and interviewer, Studio, ongoing


2021        ‘Milton Lim: whitepages’, Canadian Art, Spring 2021 Issue, Tkaronto (Toronto)

2020        ‘Review: TILTING (1), TILTING (2), Blackwood Gallery’, C Magazine, Issue 147 October 2020, Tkaronto

2019        '‘Review: Reza Rezai’s MEHMOON at TRUCK Contemporary Art’, Studio (self-pubished), Moh’kins’tis (Calgary)


2020        ‘Disrupt the Everyday and Point to the Critical: Interview with Alana Bartol’, Studio (self-published), Moh’kins’tsis


2019        'Context, Tokenism, And Trans Solidarity: An Interview with Dan Cardinal McCartney', Momus 

2019        ‘I Realized I Could Only Do it by Steps: Interview with Michaela Bridgemohan’, Studio, Vol. 2 (self-published),

                Moh’kins’tis (Calgary)

2019        ‘Collage and Performance, Context and Participation: Interview with Dan Cardinal McCartney’, Studio, Vol. 1 (self-                    published), Moh’kins’tis

2019        ‘Location as Perspective and Image: Interview with Krystle Coughlin’, Studio, Vol. 1 (self-published), Moh’kins’tis

2019        ‘Futurity and Material as Intention: Interview with Tsēmā Igharas’, Studio, Vol. 1 (self-published), Moh’kins’tis

2019        ‘Memory and Reality, A Daughter and an Artist: Interview with Natalie Lauchlan’, Studio, Vol. 1 (self-published),     


2017        ‘Queers and Our Counterparts’, Luma Quarterly, Vol. 2, Issue 007, Moh’kins’tsis


2020        "The Feminine, the Grotesque, and the Reclaimed', Canadian Art, Tkaronto (Toronto)

2019        ‘Through Cis-Tinted Glasses, Pt. I: De-gendering the way we look at figurative art’, Studio (self-published),

                Moh’kins’tis (Calgary)

2019        ‘Homo-Sighting: The Consent and Refusal of Queer Performance in Ryan Danny Owen’s LOVE ME LIKE THERE’S

                 NO TOMORROW’, Luma Quarterly, Vol. 4, Issue 014, Moh’kins’tsis 
2017        ‘Just Between Femmes: The Unique Nature of Queer-Femme Dialogue’, Exhibition text for Maddie 

                Alexander’s Dancing on My Own, Femme Wave Feminist Music and Arts Festival, The New Gallery, Moh’kins’tsis
2016        ‘Sadness as a Theory of Time’, Exhibition Essay for Kate Jackson’s Nothing is Too Empty a Place To Go, Stride                        Gallery, Moh’kins’tsis 
2016        UnShelved, Exhibition Catalogue, AUArts, Moh’kins’tsis 
2015        'Germ Warfare: A Suite of Responses to Christian Bök’s Xenotext', AUArts, Moh’kins’tsis 
2015        'Ugly is Taught', NoD Magazine: Gender Issue, University of Calgary, Moh’kins’tsis 


2014        100 Tender Buttons: A Celebration of Gertrude Stein, Loft 112, Moh'kins'tsis (Calgary)

2020        'Announcing the Winners of the Canadian Art Writing Prize', Sam Cotter, Canadian Art, February 2020

2018        'Local artist in running for national contest', Calgary Herald, July 2018
2018        'Finalists announced for RBC Canadian Painting Competition', Canadian Art, June 2018
2016        'Intimate art experiences in unexpected places at Intersite Festival', Sasha Semenoff, Beatroute, November 2016

2022        Assisting painter, Kat Simmers mural and design

2017-18   Board Member, Treaty 7 Dyke and Trans March
2017        Jury Member, HY DRA TION Queer Dance Parties Artist in Residence
2013-15   Director, Queeriosity, AUArts
2015        Winter Jury Member, Marion Nicoll Gallery, AUArts
2014        Fall Jury Member, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary
​2014        Program Organizer for the Emerging Artist Community Program, Administration Department, AUArts
2014        Member, ACAD Feminist Book Club
2014        Volunteer, Calgary Dyke and Trans March
2013-14   Student Ambassador, Admissions Department, AUArts

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