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Process shots of the Pulp series

Oil on canvas


I think you are doing such amazing work and are talented and I am deeply grateful for everything.

Seth, patron

We all learned something and you made us laugh. It was great!

1_ in progress

Upcycle commission: adding UFO's to old prairie pastoral paintings

Working with Louie has been a pleasure. A chance to do something new!

Catherine Robertson, Rainbow Elders Calgary

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During an artist talk, Louie will describe their work and the historic context it was made in: this could be the history of oil painting, queer rights, or disability advocacy. Each talk is catered to the venue and audience. Artist talks are a chance to be curious together. 


Commissions & Sales

Because of the long process that goes into Fermor's painting style, they don't often take on commissions.  However, for the right project and right person, they're certainly interested. They also have finished works available for sale. Please email for a digital list of works available.

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Professional Feedback

Louie provides feedback in their areas of expertise: criticism, grant writing, and visual arts. This could look like a three-session mentorship schedule, exchanging a fee for written feedback on your grant application, or a studio visit. Typically this is facilitated through a third party such as an artist-run centre or non-profit.

Louie refers to CARFAC and the current local living wage for their rates. Email to ask for a quote!


Louie has experience with providing feedback. One of the ways they do this is through advisory service. Typically, an organization doing research for future programming or a non-profit group preparing for a campaign is who they advise for.  But anyone in need of person-led testimony to back up their initiatives is welcome to reach out. Louie has advised in neurodiversity, disability rights, and arts worker experiences. 


For granting bodies, exhibition spaces, literary and art publications, and more

Exhibition Essays

Fermor has experience with writing exhibition essays, reviews, critical essays, and interviews

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Interested in hiring or commissioning Louie?

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