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​Glass bottles, typewritten notes, various found objects 



To: C. was a gesture of loneliness and forgiveness. Thirty-two individual "message in a bottle"'s were made and distributed to an audience of 32 people. The audience was told that the artist had fallen out with a friend, and they wished to make a small gesture of possible contact with the friend. The only detail the audience was given about this person was that they would respond to the name "Clayton", and that you could confirm it was the right Clayton by asking if the second name, Alistair, meant anything to them. If it did and it was the right person, you were to give them the bottle, with the message.  It was made known to the audience members that the bottle was not for them, and that they should only see it opened if they ever met this "Clayton". 

The bottles each contain a small line or two of writing, and a small token that reminded the artist of their lost friend. 

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